BriBri Springs Brewery, located at Kaya's Place Hotel in Puerto Viejo, Costa Rica, is a micro-craft brewery dedicated to making handcrafted all-grain fine ales and basis.

We use the finest ingredients available to us, like locally produced, fair-traded, organic ingredients. For example, the cacao and coconut used in making Austen's Ale, and the honey used in making Oso's Honey Brown come from local, reliable, fair-traded sources. At BriBri Springs Brewery, it is our goal to create a closed circle of sustainably produced, green beer.

We serve our fine ales, beers and basi at Kaya's Place Hotel's restaurant overlooking the world famous Black Beach (Playa Negra) of Puerto Viejo. We have a brewhouse right on the hotel property and are offering tours everyday at 4:20 in the afternoon.

As you can tell from the name of our brewery, it is all about our spring water. Our spring water comes from a farm we own above the town of BriBri on the way to the Volio waterfall. This farm has a large mountain ridge across the top of it and ample pasture land below. There are multiple springs on the property, all with crystal clear, clean water bubbling out of them. These mountain-top springs run down the hill creating waterfalls, creeks and a clean drinking water supply, with enough flow year round to provide the community below us with clean drinking water, without the need for filtration or chemical additives.

We have multiple uses in mind for the BriBri Spring water. First, it is providing the water needed to grow healthy grasses needed to feed the cows, pigs, chickens, rabbits, goats, ducks, etc. that we have grazing in the pasture lands below the mountain. Second, it provides these animals with water to drink. Third, we will send the water down a long water pipe from the top of the mountain, as it reaches the brewhouse, the diameter of the water tube will be reduced until we obtain an extremely high pressure flow. We will place a hydro-generator in front of this high-pressure water stream to generate the electricity needed to cool our fermentation room and possibly light-up the village below us. Fourth, and most obvious, we will be utilizing the BriBri Spring water to make clean, delicious beer!

The healthy, non-chemically treated grasses feed the animals on our farm. The spent grains, which are a waste product that many breweries just throw away after making beer, will also become feed for these animals. All organic food waste produced by our restaurant at Kaya's Place will also be brought to these animals to become feed. After the animals eat, they have to "go caca" (as young Luke would say). We will harness the biocombustable methane gas emitted from the manure of these animals to fire our brewhouse and cook the beer. And the meat produced by these animals will be harvested and served in our restaurant, as will the spring water be served to our lucky patrons, thus completing a closed circle of sustainability when you enjoy a frosty pint of Horizon Pale Ale accompanied by a slice of herb-crusted Prime Rib slow roasted in the wood-fired oven at Luke's Tap Room at Kaya's Place.


Varieties subject to seasonal availability and constant innovation!

Horizon Pale Ale

Dry Hopped Central American Pale Ale - Strong floral and citrus aroma with just the right amount of color and body to balance out the hops creates a very enjoyable Pale Ale that you can drink all day and night. Crisp, clean, luscious.

Sun Down Brow

Double Brown Ale - Big Wee Heavy Mountain Ale full of caramel and roasted malt flavors.

Austen's Ale

Cacao Coco Porter - Named after Puerto Viejo's celebrity coconut salesman, local organic cacao and wood fire oven roasted coconut accentuate the dark malts in this one of a kind porter.

Aurora Borealis

and its many variations. American wheat infused with the ripest local fruit we can find.

Caribe Sur Barley Wine

This is not your average Barley Wine and has nothing to do with the traditional English style. Use of local ingredients, combined with a huge malt bill create a Caribbean Barley Wine like nothing that you have ever tasted before.

Ursa Major

Ras Imperial Stout - A monument to decadence.

Basi de Temporada Araza

Local fruits and spices fermented to completion create a potent blend Caribbean flavor. Basi is not beer, wine, or mead. It is "La Locura Del Caribe!" You will only find this creation at BriBri Springs Brewery.

Tradicional Jamaican Ginger Beer

Non alcoholic natural soda - No chemicals or plastic bottles here. This is what soda was before the multinational corporations messed it all up. Mix it with rum and lime to create the Dark 'N' Stormy.

Soon come - Ursa Minor , a dry hopped Imperial IPA!

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